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Puppy Questionnaire

Please take a minute and fill out our puppy questionnaire!  We will contact you after we have received your completed form.  (It is downloadable as a PDF below)

Dogo Puppy Application Questionnaire

Thank-you for your interest!  Please take out the time to fill out this questionnaire and send it back to us  

Full Name


Phone Number

e-mail address

When is best to phone you?

How did you hear about us?

Please list the ages of other members in your household.

Do you rent or own your dwelling?  If you rent, does your residence have any pet restrictions?

What type of dwelling do you own/rent (condo, house, etc)?

Can we come visit?

Are you or anyone in your house allergic to dogs?

Do you have a vet you currently use?

Have you owned any other dogs before?  What breeds?

If yes, do you still own them?  If no, why not?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter or rescue?  If yes, please explain why

Do you have a preference for male or female dogos?

What would you like to do with your dogo? A family pet, a dog to show, or a dog to work?

We do understand circumstances sometimes change.  If you do need to rehome your dogo do you agree to contact us first?

Do you plan on participating in training with your puppy?

What energy level are you expecting?

Are you mainly looking for an inside or outside dog?

Describe your ideal dog?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Puppy Questionnaire: HTML Embed
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